Manned Guarding

When you Choose Paramount Security to provide manned guarding for your Organization or self, you are not getting a night watchman or untrained, unmotivated person. The benefits of trusting Paramount Security to provide your manned guarding are:

All Paramount Security personnel are trained.Every guard has passed a basic security training course and is clear of any criminal convictions.

Paramount Security aim to employ the ‘right people for the right job’, this means that the Paramount Security personnel are highly motivated, well trained and want to do their best for you.

  • Paramount Security personnel can call upon the back office on all emergencies to support them.
  • All locations guarded by Paramount Security are supervised from our Control Rooms – we know where our staff are at all times.
  • Paramount Security Personnel look smart, so they are an asset to your company.

Paramount Security is confident we can provide a fully accountable, well managed guarding service to meet the individual/organization needs of any Customer and their security budget.

Paramount Security is confident believes that the success of any manned guarding service ultimately depends on the quality of the personnel who work for that company.